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butterfly91436, 54 ans de Revigny sur ornain : Recherche son âme soeur
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butterfly91436, un homme de 54 ans, Lorraine, Meuse, Revigny sur ornain

A wonderful life with the one, whose family value is oriented, I am honest, sincerely, grateful, faithful and so easygoing. Just love it will be never enough, and fall in love at first sight it is so easy and so ephemeral love like the rose petal fall out just in a few day life. For myself love will have a life project in which we can build a real story and write a real chapter where a family value will be the centre and sometime we will have a look at the past for best writing a new chapter. Sharing, regarding, compassion share with, faithful all that these words are making sense in my mind and I am understanding their meaning. When you are clear in what and which you are expected to, you can accept many things, and make sure that your love will belong to the one, you have choose and you can know why. Love is not just for one day, love is mean to belong to one and only one for the rest of your life and it will be forever when their relationship has closed by wedding. Then together, we can feel more in safety and security, more peaceful and know we can take care each other. It is so tender, so charming, when the two people share the same life. Then we can accept everything and at that time our union offer a real opportunity to go beyond in the life and every come possible and we can feel more stronger. My past life has learned me so much, where ...

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